Cheap 10GbE 4 port switch, and fanless...


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This is awesome because I am looking to replace my lb4m because while I do use both spf+ ports, I only use 3 of the gigabit ports. a couple cheap gigabit adapters might get me in business. This is what I was considering instead:


but even then, I don't need all the ports... something to think about now!

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25 minutes ago, said:

If you don't need large cables, up to 7m, DAC are pretty cheap

i have 10Gb network in my house with Ubiquity ES-16-XG already, and all of SFP+ ports are with DAC cables. longest is 10m Cisco DAC, work like a champ. But there are a mess with DAC/Card compatibily. i have some Mellanox, and some Brocade cards and some Cisco and Brocade DACs - i was lucky cos i found a combination of these items which pairs is working together..

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On 12/4/2018 at 12:45 PM, uldise said:

looks like sfp+ modules will cost more?

get your sfp/sfp+ from  They also have network gear that's fairly cheap as well.   Since 6.6.6 supports ver 5.5.2 of igxbe, the cheap dual intel ) nics (X520-DA2) are cost-effective, less than $100 a card.

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