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A deal on Ryzen 5, turned into...

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New guy here...


My old I5-2500 Sandy Bridge windows 10 "server" was struggling to handle the workload of running Plex server, Blue Iris(6 IPCams), Sonarr, CouchPotato, Unifi Controller, Logitech Media Server and WAMP. Weekends could get crazy at times when one of my boys' tablets would be buffering non stop trying to watch 'Captain Underpants'. Once 'Polar Express' stopped working on my Boys' tablets, things got real..... fast!


My wondering eyes finally paid off when I stumbled on a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU for $129 on Amazon about a month ago. Getting the CPU led me to researching OS options and such. I'm still on the trial version of Unraid, but so far so good. 


Here are the specs of my new server:


Ryzen 5 1600

Asus Prime B350 Plus

EVGA 650 Bronze

16GB Ram

Cache drive: Samsung EVO 500gb

Parity drive: 3TB

Data drive: 3TB

Data drive: 3TB


Docker Apps:

Plex Media Server




Logitech Media Server

Unifi Controller




My old i5-2500 machine is now dedicated to Blue Iris. 


I'm really liking my new Unraid server. The flexibility with Dockers and such is just awesome. Its nice knowing I have room to grow with my current system in terms of plenty of CPU/Ram, and the ability to add drives easily.


'Captain Underpants" & "Polar Express" are now playing smooth as butter on my boys' tablets.


Thanks for reading!



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