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[SOLVED] Tried to format wrong drive - any way to recover?

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So I'm new to unRAID and have made my first boneheaded mistake.  Yay!  Now I have the opportunity to ~learn~.  This may be more of a Windows/NTFS question than an unRAID one, but hopefully this is the right place to ask.


I'm building a new server with 4x8TB drives.  One drive is NTFS formatted and packed with all the media I wanted to save from the Windows build this server is replacing, and the other 3 are blank.  I had intended to create an array with the three blank drives and then move everything from the full drive to the array once it is up and running. 


I got my drive serials mixed up and attempted to format the drive with all the media.  Luckily, this seems to have at least partially failed with error message "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout".  At this point I noticed my mistake.  I have since physically pulled the drive and put it back into my main Windows system.  The drive is detected and appears in Disk Management with its partition in tact, but it seems to have lost its NTFS format.  I don't think anything was written to the drive and I recall that unRAID was still showing as full after removing it from the array but prior to pulling from the machine, so I'm hoping that the data itself is still there.  I've tried to scan the drive with Recuva (windows) but after that failed I decided to post before I cause more harm.


Can anyone point me in the right direction here?  None of the data on this disk is mission-critical, but I'd really hate to lose it all. 

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That did the trick with shockingly little work.  Just had to use that to find the deleted partition and re-write the partition structure.  Thanks so much for the solution!

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