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Qemu 3.1

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Can we get QEMU 3.1 in the next update? It appears it went final a few days ago and I'm hoping it helps more with my threadripper system.


Specifically around proper cache being showed in the guests and not having to manually override it to an "EPYC" processor and also being able to use the command


"<feature policy='require' name='topoext'/>" which is supposed to do the cache pass through properly on a threadripper system. It makes the system much more responsive and decreases latency across the board.

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+1 to this. 
There's a lot of stuff going on to improve PCIe bandwidth on Q35 based VMs for passed through PCIe devices too. So im keen to get these updates as an Intel user as well.  

Not sure if these fixes are present in 3.1, or if they're coming for 4.0, but being up to date with QEMU\libvirt versions looks like it should yeild a pretty big bump in performance in the near future. 

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3 hours ago, limetech said:

Added to Unraid 6.7

Is there any ETA on Unraid 6.7? I am looking forward to the improvements in QEMU 3.1. Could we see Unraid 6.7 as a holiday season release??

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