CacheDirs high CPU consumption


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I have what seems to be a recent problem cropping up in that the Dynamix CacheDirs plugin seems to suddenly start consuming 100% of one CPU core.  I've been running this for years without problem and the only recent change I've made (apart from keeping the plugins updated) is to update the version of my HomeAssistant docker to address some gradually increasing CPU consumption.  That may have been masking this CacheDirs issue I guess.


Attached is my CPU chart for the past 2 days - you can see utilisation suddenly jump at 20.45 exactly yesterday and has sat there ever sinceI won't pretend to understand the differences between User, Nice and System utilisation, but it seems strange that System utilisation dropped at the same time as this large increase in Nice utilisation.  HTOP is attached and appears to point to CacheDirs.  All my data disks have spun down, so they're definitely not being accessed.  If I reboot the server CPU consumption sits at about 15% for anything from a day to a week, then this will suddenly happen.  Can anyone suggest what might be happening here?


UnRAID 6.4.0, an old faithful HP MicroServer 36L (running 24x7 since 2011), 4 data disks and 1 SSD cache drive which also holds the dockers (HomeAssistant, DuckDNS, Nginx and TasmoAdmin).





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