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Changed Graphics Card VM Crashes

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Hi, could someone please help me.


Ryzen 1700X

16GB Ram

11TB of Hard Drives

2 x 480GB SSDs for Cache

1 x very old AMD 5450 Graphics Card in PCIE slot 1 for Unraid to use plus my KDE-Neon VM.

1 x GTX1070 in PCIE slot 2 that runs Windows 10.


I created a Windows 10 VM that runs Kodi to view my Movies. The Nvidia GTX 1070 is passed through that works flawless. Also installed Witcher 3 on that same VM and again I can game on it works perfect very happy with it. It will max out all settings if using it through my TV at 1920x1080. But I also like to game on a 30" monitor that has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 the 1070 does not handle that as well. 


So I want to put my GTX 1080Ti Strix into Unraid to replace the GTX 1070. I figured probably wrongly lol that I could just change the GTX 1070 to the GTX 1080Ti Strix. Then select in the VM Settings to passthrough the 1080 instead of the 1070. Get into Windows 10 install the correct drivers and work perfect. 


Unfortunately that does not happen. It will boot into the Windows 10 VM and Kodi works fine for the Movies. But when I start to play Witcher 3. It works for around 10 or so minutes. Then the screen freezes I can still hear music in the background. But nothing works the keyboard does nothing.


If I force close the VM via the Web GUI on my other computer. The VM will shut down but the same frozen screen still shows on my TV even though the VM is not running. Restarting the VM does nothing. Only way to fix it is a full reboot of Unraid. 


My initial thought was the graphics card is overheating. But its definitely not that I have put it back in my old gaming PC and it works flawless just put in 3 hours and not one problem. 


If I try to make a new Windows 10 VM and passthrough the 1080 it just black screens tried both OVMF and Seabios both do the same. Only way it works is with my original Windows 10 VM that I created with the 1070.


I dont have my XMF file at the moment as the 1070 is installed and I can not put the 1080 back in today.


Just looking for some overall guidance rather than a definitive solution at this point.  


Should I just be able to swap out the 1070 put in the 1080 and it all work ? or do I need to modify the XML settings ? 


That or is there something special I need to do when changing graphics cards ? any help welcome thanks. Other than that I love unraid incredible piece of software. 

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After some more testing today. Witcher 3 runs for about 1 to 10 minutes. The the screen randomly freezes but the weirdest thing is I can still hear the music in the background and the game working normally. If I run around using the game controller I can hear my footsteps. The game is still working just the screen freezes only way to fix it is to force close the VM and restart it.. 

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Think I might have fixed it. I turned off Vsync in Witcher 3. That seems to have resolved the problem. Played a good 40 minutes with out a freeze.

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