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Using ethernet to extend usb

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Not sure if this is the right thread for this but basically I have a 20m long usb 2.0 extender which has a booster in it which seems to work OK for thumb drive and even the wii mayflash adapter for dolphin.


But whenever I use the xbox one wireless adapter with it, the controller would not be able to keep a stable connection and would start to blink continously after a minute or so, signifying a connection loss


I believe its due to the extension being too long and the power over usb 2.0 isn't enough for the adapter to keep its signal steady.


So I was looking at those USB 2.0 to ethernet adapters and was wondering would they work better instead? So basically have a USB to ethernet adapter on one end, connect it to a cat6 cable maybe, and another end to another USB to ethernet adapter.


Anybody tried this?


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8 hours ago, ars92 said:

Anybody tried this?

I've just ordered a couple on ebay as I was looking for the same thing. The one I ordered supposedly works up to 150 ft. They were cheap though so I don't know about the quality. Will be great if they work though! But yeah I believe one of those would work better than a 20m usb cable with a booster. CAT 6 cables do carry the signal further that's for sure.

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