unRaid on Dell poweredge 2950

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Hello all and happy Holidays.


I have been attempting for about 2 hours now trying to get unRAID to run on my Dell Poweredge 2950 to no avail. I have attempted messing with the bios settings and the integrated raid controller to try to get it to run. When I have it boot to the USB it will sit there with a blinking line.


Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed with troubleshooting to get it to run?

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21 minutes ago, JANGxBANGER said:

When I have it boot to the USB it will sit there with a blinking line.

This typically means the BIOS didn't find anything to boot.


A few possibilities:


Something in your BIOS settings is not allowing it to boot from flash. Can you boot any other OS from flash?


Your Unraid flash isn't prepared properly. How did you make the Unraid flash?


The USB port or flash drive won't work. USB2 ports are sometimes less troublesome with some motherboards. Occasionally we even hear of USB3 flash drives giving problems.

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10 minutes ago, JANGxBANGER said:

I also have tried running some other KVM's on it as well to test.

Don't know what you mean about testing with some other KVM. KVM is a virtual machine, which you can't run until you have already booted a host OS. We are trying to figure out why you aren't booting with the flash.


Can you boot any other OS using any flash drive with your motherboard settings?


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  • 4 months later...

I figured the answer for this with 6.5.3

1) I created .iso WinCDEMU from downloaded zip
2) I then used unetbootin to create a bootable disk from the .iso that 
3) Make sure the USB drive is plugged into the interior USB port on the riser card next to the PCI-e slot

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