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Dell R310 w/H200 or Perc 6i/r - add Tape backup?

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Hi All,


I currently have Unraid 6.6.6 running on a Dell R310 w/ H200 controller running in IT mode connected to four 4TB SATA drives and 16GB of RAM.  This gives me 6gb/s to the drives, but takes up a PCIe slot.  The other PCIe slot is being used for additional network ports to support running pfSense.  I am in the process of configuring the pfSense VM and have the ports mapped.


What I wanted to do was add a PCIe fiber channel card and pass the ports to a Windows Server VM and run backup software for a DELL 132T LTO-3 tape library.  To do this in the R310 I would need to downgrade to a modular PERC 6i/R controller (3gb/s) and flash it to IT mode so I can communicate with the 4TB drives.  Going to the modular board frees up the PCIe slot for the fiber card.


By doing this, I can run backups from the NAS system and avoid having a separate dedicated system for performing backups.




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