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multiple nics

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Hi everyone.  I'm new to unraid and somewhat new to docker and containers.   I have a 4 port Intel nic in my unraid box that I would like to leverage and hoping to get some input / direction on what I'm wanting to do.


1) i would like for unraid to remain on the current NIC (on the MB)

2) going to install pfsense to act as my vm firewall on eth1 and eth2

3) going to build VM lab that will remain in a network inside eth2.   In virutal box my machines the networking of the guests are set to "internal network" so I would like to mimic that if i can. 

4) would like to create docker networks for eth3 and eth4

eth3 would cover the internal docker containers.  eth4 would cover the external facing docker containers.

Seems there was something called pipework that could do this but seems that information is old and either dock / unraid supports what I want to do now naively. just unsure how to do it.     Hoping the community here can point me in the right direction. 

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