Problem with 1 disk failed and then another and then all fine.

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Hey all


On Jan 1 i got a nice new year's day pressie.A 3TB failed drive on the start of my parity check.

SO The usual panic mode set in switched off everything and ran seagate tools and western diag tools and both say no problems found with drive long and short tests.

I read a post that you can trust a disk and then carry on with a parity rebuild which I did and it was fine for a while and then another drive in my array failed so NOW I'm really panicking and I switch off again thinking I have now definitely lost some info.


I then bough the machine to work and did a clean with a blower and reset everything.


I have a log file of now as the array is just showing one failed drive just the 3TB and not the 3TB and 1TB like before so now I want to trust my 3TB and do a rebuild but I just thought I would throw my experience out there and ask if anyone has any advise.


So please find attached the current logs


Any news or help would be great thanks


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