pass through onboard video


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Hi guys, after advise on if this will even work.

My unraid setup is running on an old c2d rig, has served me well for several years, but starting to create some hevc content, and plex streaming it to my htpc isn't coping, cpu is maxing out.


My htpc is an asus h87m-proand an i5-4570s.


I'm thinking of migrating my htpc board into the server and setting up a virtual machine to run the htpc windows/kodi/plex.


Now my main concern is the board only has 2 16x pci-e slots, i'm going to need both of them to put the sata cards into. My current unraid rig actually has an old pci gpu in it just so it will boot, something thats been in there for years, so honestly don't know if unraid still requires a gpu assigned to it like it used to. With only having the 1 gpu available to the system and wanting to pass it through to the virutal htpc. Will this even work? I could possilbly get a pci-e 1x gpu if i must.


Will my gear work for me? to run unraid plus 1 virtual windows machine to connect to the tele.

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Something else to consider, when the system has few PCIe slots, they often are attached directly to the CPU instead of the PCH... This causes issues with the IOMMU groups sometimes... And motherboard manufacturers rarely publish the IOMMU group data for their motherboards...



Also, that board doesn't have 2 x16 slots... it has 1... the other is an x16 running at x4...

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