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How to manualy install plugins ?

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I was wondering how can I install plugins manualy? So I read on the wiki for the older v5 version that you could drop the .plg files into the plugions folder. Does that still work?


Also were would I get that file from, if I can find the plugin on community applications? I'm having trouble finding it from the raw.github.andsoon adress.


Thanks in advance.

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Some plugin authors publish the URLs for the plugin.  I for one do not.  But, once you have community applications (which does have the URL published), you don't ever need the URL anyways.  Just install it via it.

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Well I usually use the community application, but my unraid machine is apparently to slow for the rclone plugin.

Now I need to wait for the creater/maintainer to increase the timeout before the download is dropped.


I thought I could go around it by using the .plg file, but that one is also pointing at (/pulling from) the github repository. So I guess I'm looking at a way to install plugins without a network connection. How would one achieve that?


Thank you.

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*Generally*  (But this varies according to the plugin)


You would save the .plg in /config/plugins

You would save whatever file(s) the plugin has to download into /config/plugins/nameOfPlugin


Probably best to ask the author himself how you would go about doing this.

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