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Basic to Plus Upgrade with new hardware

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- I am upgrading from a 2-drive server to a 12-drive server.

- The 2-drive server will no longer function as an Unraid server

- I know I need to upgrade license from Basic to Plus.


What are the appropriate steps to make this happen?

My thought process:

1. Install Unraid on a different thumb drive and insert in 12-drive server

2. Use trial on 12-drive server

3. Move data from 2-drive to 12-drive

4. Upgrade from Basic to Pro

5. Swap thumb drive from old unraid server to new, apply license?


I use my Unraid server for Plex, dockers for media, Unifi, CrashPlan, and OpenVPN. No VMs.


I will not be re-using disks, all new disks in the 12-drive system!! :D



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Why not just move the 2 drives into the new server to start instead of transferring their data? Then you would only have one server to deal with and you could upgrade the license on it later when needed.


There isn't really a good reason to start with all 12 disks until you need the capacity. Just add them as needed then upgrade the license sooner or later.


Having said all that, I should also say that parity is no substitute for backups You must have another copy of anything important and irreplaceable on another system.



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Wow I’m an idiot, that is a great plan. 


The new server has fairly new drives in it but why waste them if I don’t need to until the old drives fail. 


Good tip on waiting to expand to more drives, I also never thought of that.


I do full backups with CrashPlan Pro. I’m currently at 45% of two 8TB in my current setup. Here’s to hoping they don’t cap their storage limits in the future!



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7 hours ago, robkurzd said:

The new server has fairly new drives in it but why waste them if I don’t need to until the old drives fail. 

I've never actually waited for a failure since I usually replace drives with larger ones. I have a small form factor server that I can just fit 7 HDD + 2 SSD.

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