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(Opinion) Should Windows 10 VM's be switched to Q35 by Default?

(Opinion) Should Windows 10 VM's be switched to Q35 by Default?  

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This is just an opinion question, that may eventually be moved to a feature request...  I personally have an Intel/nVidia GPU passthrough gaming VM...  When I purchased UnRaid originally, on my first VM attempt I used the i440FX machine type since UnRaid recommended it for all Windows machines...  A few months ago, when I was having other issues with my system, I decided to reinstall the VM and do some experiments on performance for my system...  The bottom line of that testing was the Q35 Machine type was noticeably faster, and more importantly it fixed several compatibility issues I was having with some of the games I was having issues with on the first VM attempt...  I believe that this is due to the i440FX not supporting PCIe devices, and even though it didn't affect bus speed, I think several of the games anti-cheat software or initialization code was looking for the PCIe bus and not finding it...  I have flipped all my VM's to use Q35 ever since, and have not had issues with that decision...


Bottom line, other than legacy OS's, is there still any reason to use the i440fx machine type?  And if not, is there any reason not to flip the default Windows VM templates or at least the Windows 10 template to use Q35 by default?

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