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X9SCM-IIF burned out

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I'm running  unRaid 6.6.4 on X9SCM-IIF, it shut itself down overnight, when I turned the PSU off and on I got a whiff of smoke from the top left corner of the board.


I'm guessing it's an obsolete board, is there a board anyone can recommend that's plug compatible with this one? same CPU/RAM slots support etc?


It has 2 of 8 channel disk boards in it (I can't remember whether they are IBM or SM) and needs 6 SATA too.


Many thanks in anticipation


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I just ordered an X9SCM-F-O I hope it's compatible!

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Looking at those 2 boards on Supermicro's website, they are basically identical with your one on order having some additional compatibility. 





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Thanks again, is there any configuration to do the boards BIOS or settings, or can I just replace it and go?


I don't think I have a spare keyboard or monitor to set it up, I run it headless.

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