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Make two arrays

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently using unraid for my backups and also for my plex server.

I have a single raid array for all my data and several shares to separate each use.

What I would like is to be able to create one raid array of regular hdd for stuff I don't use frequently like backups, and another array on ssd for things that need the speed like accessing my plex library. Is that possible?


Thank you,


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30 minutes ago, wgstarks said:

Well then I will have to wait for the feature to come natively because I don't want to play with my data. 

I just proposed it on the feature request section.

This is what I would like https://www.qnap.com/solution/qtier-auto-tiering/en/



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Does it have to be 2 separate arrays though? I have all my media on the array with a parity drive but have all my appdata including Plex metadata stored on my cache SSD drives in raid 0. Then using the CA Backup/Restore Appdata plugin I have it backup my appdata folder to the array with parity monthly which protects that data. You could set the backup to occur more frequently. 


Not 100% sure on this but I know as of at least Unraid 6.2 SSDs in the array is an experimental feature and not entirely supported. 


But if you mainly need the speed for accessing your Plex library, the appdata folder for it being on your SSD cache drives will be more than enough. I'm guessing you are seeing slow load times when looking through your library. My Plex library contains over 4,500 movies and 27,000 TV episodes and I have no issues or wait times when loading things. 

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