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Constant HD LED flashing

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My HDD LED on my case is constantly flashing and I cant isolate why.

I shutdown all VMs, dockers and take the array offline and the light is still flashing like there's constant drive activity.

So, I reboot UNRAID, go in to the motherboard BIOS and the light is still flashing.


I suspect it may be something to do with one of my nvme drives that I'm passing through to the W10 VM because when I then start UNRAID, power on the VM with the nvme drive passed through, the flashing stops for a few minutes until after Windows is fully loaded. Then a few minutes later the constant flashing starts again.


It's very strange and I'm really struggling to pinpoint the culprit. The nvme is the corsair MP510 and all SMART test pass OK and drive performs normally.


At a complete loss at the moment where to start looking other than trying a different nvme drive which I dont have atm.

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If its still flashing while you're in your motherboard BIOS, are you sure its not a LAN/NIC activity led thats wired up? Are you certain you have the case wires connected correctly for your motherboard? When you reboot to go into BIOS, try Unplug the network cables to see if the flashing stops.

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Nope, I remove the nvme drive and the flashing stops. I have two other nvme drives also connected and they're fine. I wrote an email to Corsair to explain my issue and suggsted I return the drive. I have to admit it's very odd but I did notice also that the BIOS stop code ends in A5 which is SCSI reset, when I remove the nvme drive, the stop code is something else. I think my drive controller is up s*it creak.

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