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Putting unraid to sleep while also running a gaming VM on it

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Hey Guys,

I've got a VM with GPU passthrough running, basically my unraid server is my main rig at the moment. I would like to refine my experience with a few tweaks.

First of all is it possible to use the power button of my case to send my unraid server to sleep? Or has someone an idea how you could write a script that sends the server to sleep a few seconds after the VM is shutdown?


Also any suggestions how you made your life easier while using an VM as your main rig are welcome.

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I don't sleep my servers, but the first thing to do would be to see if the dynamix s3 plugin works for you

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Yes I've got the Dynamix S3 Sleep plugin, putting the server to sleep works like expected, but I have to shutdown my VM first and then use my laptop/smartphone to put the server to sleep. If I press the sleep button in the webinterface while the VM is running, it freezes and shuts down, resulting in windows complaining that the system was not correctly shutdown. 


I tried to put a command like "virsh stop Daedalus" in the custom commands before sleep, but when I press the Sleep button in the unraid webinterface, It does not care what I wrote down there. Strangely the commands after wakeup work.


I was thinking that my issue was that the "virsh stop Daedalus" command exits before the VM is shutdown so I tried a few scripts which wait until all VM's are shutdown, but none of them worked. Has anyone got a working VM stop script, that waits until the VM's are shutdown? Also are there any other services that should be stopped before a sleep?

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