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High CPU/RAM use

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I am becoming fairly disgusted with the excessive consumption of CPU and/or RAM with certain docker containers in Unraid. The specifics don't really matter, it is a known issue, but this has gone on long enough. I realize this isn't an Unraid issue per se but there are several commonly used containers that consume multiple cores for no reason or have memory leaks unless restarted daily (or more often) for over 6 months. I never had these issues with my Ubuntu server. I have tried new configs, different authors, different applications, etc. For example, I have 4 containers that regularly, and I mean by the minute, consume more and more RAM and CPU until restarted. There was also this same issue with shfs for several months (which has since been fixed). My i7 8700 currently "idles" at 30% within an hour of restarting the offending containers.


I am starting to think that Unraid is really only useful as a simple NAS and nothing else and that I would be better off reverting back to a straight Ubuntu server. My setup is grossly overprovisioned for what I am attempting to run and there is no reason I should be running out of resources. Again, I know this is an issue with the docker containers I am using but the combination of it all is making me regret ever moving to Unraid.

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This has not been my experience at all. I have 18 different Docker applications running plus a Windows VM. I have one specific Docker application, SageTV, that seems to have a memory leak but that's specific to it. The rest of my applications are well behaved. When I had 16GB of RAM my usage hovered around 70%


So did you post to just complain or would you like help? Have you tried to determine which process or container is causing the CPU use? On the console top or htop can be very helpful with this. How much RAM do you have?

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The only way issues like yours get resolved is if you post here, include your diagnostics, and work with folks in the community to resolve. There are literally thousands upon thousands of users leveraging Unraid as a full server and don't have these problems. It sounds likely your issues are either container or configuration specific. A good example is if a container is writing to RAM instead of writing to actual storage. This can happen if your configuration for the container isn't right.

I can definitely appreciate the frustration when things don't work as expected, but please refrain from blaming the solution before even giving us a chance to review and make it right.

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Starting point is read and follow:



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9 hours ago, cadaldoo said:

The specifics don't really matter, it is a known issue, but this has gone on long enough

If you want any help to resolve this, the specifics matter very much.  What applications, docker containers, plugins, etc. seem to be causing your issues?


Where are your diagnostics and description of the problem?


I have over a dozen dockers installed as well as three VMs (of course not everything runs concurrently, but, many do) and have not seen any of the problems you describe.  It could very well be application specific and I do not run those applications.  If you can identify what processes seem to be using the RAM/CPU through htop/top you can certainly post diagnostics, configuration info, problem description, etc. in the relevant application/plugin forums and you are likely to get some help.


You clearly have some issues with your system that are causing you some extreme and understandable frustration but you have not provided any information at all that would enable anyone to help you.

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