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Convert PC with multiple roles into unraid mashine

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I have an I7 home pc that now has the following roles i fulfills 

Web-server that serves an internal working spotweb installation

NZB-Get download server where spotweb pushes the wanted nzb files to 

Sonar and Sickrage instances 
MYsql database instance for spotweb and sickrage 

Plex media server

And an hyper-v host for testing 


This pc has 4 3tb drives wich are configured by WIndows 10 as an spanned raid config 

and a n 256GB ssd witch is the boot drive for windows 10 richt now 


Now is my problem/question


Is it posible to migrate this machine form windows 10 to unraid and setup the unraid to have it setup as follows 


1 VM with windows 10 pro as basic management machine 

1 Dcker or VM witch has the roles for webserver Sonar/sickrage and NZB-Get and plex server (Passtrough of an gpu hope this works with RX480)

And have the vms and docker reside on the ssd so the raid will only be the  Stoage for the Downloads of NZB-Get en the stoage for the shows and movies i have on disks.


I have an unraid license for 6 storage devices.

And an backup of the media files on an external drive.



Hope some one can answer this question.


Full system specs 

I7 6700k Watercooled

16GB ddr4 ram (upgrade planed to 32 or 64 depending on price)

4x3TB WD red nas ware drives 

256GB Samsung evo 850

XFX Radeon RX480 GTR OC 8GB 

Dual Nic Intel 100/1000 pro GT 

Killer E2400 GB nic 



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