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Tuning Virtio SCSI on Nvme

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I'm considering using 2 x nvme in RAID for my VMs but want to know if it's indeed worth it compared with say passing through each nvme drive to a VM directly.

I ran a performance test using W10 Pro 1809 as a RAW image on my MP510 3GBps nvme and ASSD bench's approx 3GBps read and 1.4GBps write.

I then tried copying a 4GB file within the W10 VM using explorer and only got 350-400/MBps. What gives? I would expect closer to the 1GBps mark.


I only used defaults when creating the VM so I'm not sure if there's any tweak changes to the XML that I need to do to improve virtio SCSI performance.


Any tips?

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