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Add configurable setting for "toogle reads/writes display"

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I'm talking about the "Main" page and the "toggle reads/writes display" switch. AFAIK, the current setting is stored in a cookie.


Whenever you clear your browser cache, the current setting is gone. My browsers start in "Incognito mode" always - the cookie is never stored. And the browsers in the company I'm working for drop all cookies whenever you close your browser. If you want to see the current read/write rate view on the Main page you have to change that setting after every new start of those browsers.


May I ask for a configurable setting in the "Display" settings. All users can define what display they want to see as default.


Thanks for listening.


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You must love the apps tab then ;) 

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Nevermind.  I thought the policy set on your browsers was cookies disabled

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As I wrote: Some browsers disable cookies (mine), some throw them away after closing a browser (company).


IMHO, there's a difference between a plugin that's used once or twice when settings up a new machine and the Main page that's the main entrance to the Unraid server (default, can be change in Identification settings).


I start the Unraid GUI very often to look at the Main page. IMHO, the reads/writes totals, that's the default setting of that switch, is not very user friendly for my old eyes. Every column contains values. It's nearly impossible for me to see changes/activity there. OTH, the current Mbit/s output is more meaningful. Disks with no activity stay at 0. I can see active disks immediately.


Just my USD 0.02.


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