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Cpu hitting 100% during file transfer

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Hello guys, like the title says my cpu hits 100% usage on 3 cores when I do a file upload or download. Is this normal? I have a  i3 6100 cpu. Thanks 

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Is it fullspeed?


Might be just too much data for ur cpu to handle.


You can try these 2 videos:


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Thank you for the video and I get about 90MB/sec at times and as low as 3-4 MB/sec at other times. Yet to figure out why it varies so much. 

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u can terminal into unraid and try to run htop, it shows what uses how much. 

Also there are apps to show e.g. docker usage.

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I just built my first Unraid system.

The unraid is running on a 6 core Phenom II 1090T

I am using krusader to transfer files from my Windows machine's raid 5 to my new unraid server.

During file transfers to a single disk on unraid, the unraid CPU usage is around 50%

One core is 100%, the other 5 bounce around 20%.


Is this high of CPU usage normal to transfer one large file to one disk ?

... actually it was about the same CPU usage for pre-clearing too... with docker OFF, VM OFF

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