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So I need to pick the brains of the experts here.  I've run into a snag and trying to find a workaround for upgrading my firmware for my MB.


I see that for the lastest Unraid version they recommend upgrading the bios of the motherboard.  I have an ASROCK C2550D1 which is running headless.  


I own no keyboard or monitor.  The java config window using IPMI doesn't work.  I've tried for years and simply gave up trying to get it to work.   All I have is my laptop, my tv, and my NVidia Shield TV.  I can't create a dos disk since I have no keyboard or monitor.  There's a windows update for the firmware but it doesn't work.  I download the update, double click it and ... the window just opens and closes.  I tried saving it to my hard drive and to the flash folder on the unraid server.  Same thing.


I'm at a loss to figure out something. I'm sure I'm missing something so thought I'd check with the experts.

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