[6.6.6] VM Missing After CPU Pinning Error

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In order to use 3cores for a macOS VM I removed the topology XML: <topology sockets='1' cores=...


Everything ran fine. Shut it down, tried to use CPU Pinning under Settings to change cores, and received a "Missing Sockets Attribute..." error. No problem, I'll add it back to the XML.


Unfortunately the VM has disappeared. Doesn't show up in VMs, doesn't show up in CPU Pinning. How do I get this VM back?

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Create a new VM and use manual "Primary vDisk Location", and select your existing vdisk image.

Other items you'll need to configure as before.


Ps. Removing the topology item will invalidate the XML configuration (don't do that)


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Much appreciated - copied the backup XML to a new VM template and it worked no problem. I'll admit I was holding my breath at boot.


Previously tried something similar with a Win10 VM, and encountered all sorts of issues. I did a before and after comparison on the XML and I noticed the UUID changed. Everything seemed to fall apart from there.


Removing the topology is the common suggestion for allowing 'odd' core configurations in the MacOS VM threads. Is there a better way? Simply using the CPU Pinning GUI or template manager will add cores, but then the VM won't boot.

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1 hour ago, positronicP said:

Simply using the CPU Pinning GUI or template manager will add cores, but then the VM won't boot.

Strange, because that should work.

Both methods recalculate and update the topology based on the number of cores selected. Libvirt requires a matching topology together with the number of cores

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