UPS PowerWalker VI 3000 RLE


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I think I read somewhere unRAID is using NUT to get info from the UPS. About a month ago I got a smaller version of this UPS, a Bluewalker PowerWalker VI 750, and NUT isn't getting the correct values back from it. I have been in contact with one of the people working on NUT, and he said the data returned was somehow malformed.


I have tested my VI 750 with the software Bluewalker provided with it, and with that it works fine.

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I think that's only when the power is cut (Which shouldn't be very often) or am I wrong anyone who owns one of these UPS?

Found one that have both USB and the Netcard (Dell version model) so I should be able to use it with two servers!

Using Synology as the master and then this plugin on my Unraid server:


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I just tried connecting a computer with unraid to my Bluewalker PowerWalker VI 750, and the returned data is wrong. Same values are returned by NUT, only the shipped with the UPS is returning the correct values.




(second screenshot is not taking around one month before the unraid screenshot)

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