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Drive temperatures not showing

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Hello, this is my very first unraid installation and loving it already! 

Everything is working as smooth as possible and my only minor issue is that the unraid UI does not show disk temperatures. It shows an asterisk * as temperature for every drive attached.

My unraid machine is HP DL380e G8 (with 14 LFF slots) server with P420 controller (RAID disabled) and I see every drive correctly in unraid. I also see the drive temperatures if I click any of the disks and scroll down to SMART attributes. Screenshot below:



I changed the SMART Controller type to HP cciss since with that I'am able to get all SMART information via smartctl.

Below is the screenshot of the SMART attributes:



and one more screenshot of the drive temperatures in the Main view:



I also attached the diagnostics.

I tried to google and search the forums but could not find anything that would help in my situation. Any help is much appreciated.




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Probably should mention that when the disks are active there are no temperatures shown as in the above the disks were inactive. 



I have also changed the polling of attributes to: 60.


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Same issue here. Smart data shows up in the disk's settings and even shows accurate temperature in the smart data but on the dashboard it still shows an asterisk (*). My polling rate is set to 90.

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