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Need help finding a HDD cage

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I am looking for a cage that can be mounted to the bottom of my Fractal Define R5 case. I want something that will hold 3-4 HDD in a vertical position. It doesn't have to be fancy, just solid. The problem is, I want one that will mount to the case, but also have a space on the bottom to fit a 120-140mm fan so air can be brought in from the bottom of the case, through the drives. I would also like it to be mostly open on the sides so the air coming from the front of the case though those HDD doesn't hit a wall. Hard to describe, but it looks like someone on here actually used pretty much the identical thing I am looking for being used pretty much how I am going to use it: 

He was using a caselabs cage, which is apparently impossible to find now. I think they went out of business? Even amazon has a link for it: https://uedata.amazon.com/CaseLabs-Standard-Double-MAGNUM-120mm/dp/B01BFNVFFE but it is unavailable.


Any suggestions on something similiar?


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8 hours ago, hitman2158 said:

What about things like that?


None of those will work, because they will not allow for mounting to the floor of the case with the HDD pointed up. And the few that have space for a fan, do not also have standard mounting points on the outside of the fan placement. 

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Okay, the only thing I would suggest is this here:




I use this one in my server inside 3 5,25" bays. Maybe you can use this one with a little DIY. It is equipped with a fan. Just use an installation kit (something like that https://www.delock.com/produkte/1169_Installation-frame/18026/merkmale.html?setLanguage=en) to attach the cage on the bottom of the case.

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