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Training Video Cataloging

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Hello UnRaid fam,


I did do a search but not sure how to explain without giving a lengthy explanation.


I have allot of training video I want to organize to watch remotely and in house. I use plex. But it does not handle training videos well. Unless I make then like it was a TV series as in EP. Is there any tips or other guide or dockers that I can use to help view these videos easily. I wish Plex had a better way to do this. But just need to be guided in the right direction to get this project completed.


Thank you,

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I read that a while ago. But i think my issue is.. Say i have videos of work outs from different trainers. 

Trainer 1 and Trainer 2.  But they are in one folder called Workouts. The trainers videos are not being separated as sub-folders as for example a TV series is separated as season 1 and Season 2 and so on. It's being combined as one. With the personal video i don't want to have to make multiple personal shares for each trainer. I hope this makes since. 


Thank you again for your help. 



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Is the trainer name part of the filename? Is the workout name part of the filename? Is there any metadata in the files itself?


I don't know your business but I would definitely try to organize these in any way. What I learned in nearly 45 years of IT: Start now AND it's better to organize after a bad style than having no style at all.


Organize by date/year or by trainername or by workoutname or workout studio. Think about your usecase. As a user, how would you search?


There are lots of good tools than can help to bulk-rename if the filenames or metadata give some hints.


When finished organizing you can feed your videos into Plex and use tags for further organization. Our own personal videos are organized by .../year/year name/... (e.g. .../2019/2019 On the couch typing/20190131 195501.mkv). With tags you can make that even more elegant. Tags like Me, Wife, Limp Bizkit, Behind Blue Eyes, ... you get the idea.





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Hmmm ok.. 


Well the folder have the names of the trainer. But inside the folder the files are names 1.Legs_10min.avi, 2.Arms_10min.avi, 3. Cardo_10mins.avi, ect


But i understand what you mean. I need to get a rename program to help organize. To add metadata & Tags to help the search categorize better.  Ok i will follow this path. 


Thank you again,

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I think I saw your question regarding tags over in Plex forum.


You can use tags or collections. It's hard to tell what I use when. How you can add them:


Use the Plex Web-Interface. It allows more things than specific client frontends.


On the "edit movie" dialog click on the genre or collection entryfield. Just type something e.g. Cardio. You will see what you typed, while typing, below that line prefixed by the word "Add ". If you finished typing just click that line "Add Cardio" - that's all.


As I said already, I don't know your business. I think I would use genre tags for things like "Cardio" and collections for things like "Trainer 1". But it's up to you.



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