[6.6.6] Power Consumption way too high, goes down when VM is started


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Hello everybody,

yesterday i upgraded my PC to an all AMD build and moved UnRAID on the new machine. Everything worked more or less out of the box (Vega Passthrough took me a while), but now i can't figure out why the power consumption is so high. First off, here my current Hardware:

Ryzen 5 2600

ASRock B450 Pro4

Sapphire Pulse Vega 56

16 GB DDR4 3200/CL16

2xWD 2TB, 1x3TB (Array)

1xCrucial MX300 500GB (Cache)


So, with a bare-metal windows installation, the idle power consumption is at around 60 Watt.

Having a windows gaming vm running (Vega56 passthrough) in unRAID, idle power consumption is at around 77 Watt (same disks etc. installed)

But when NO VM is running, unRAID gets hungry and takes about 140 Watt. This can't be right, can it?


So i guess it must be the GPU that is giving me the headaches. Or am i just missing something?

Additional note:

I'm coming from an Intel Xeon E3 system with a H97 motherborad. I just moved the unRAID Flashdrive to the new computer. Can this be my problem?

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maybe your GPU working at full speed until VM start's and then goes to low power mode ?


You could try to run unraid without Vega and see what power consumption will be.


I'm use my unraid on several configurations (G1620, i3 540, i5 750, i5-2500k, i3-4300, TR1920x, Ryzen 1300X, Ryzen 3 2200G) and everything working fine

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Hey Raptor,

yes, the vega seems to run at a relatively high speed and clocks down once the AMD (or even Win) Driver is loaded in the VM. Its not full speed, then the power consumption would easily go in to 250+ Watt area.

Did not have this problem with my old RX 570 and the power consumption is as expected (~50 Watt) when no card is plugged in.

So how can i fix this?

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