Plex...where to start?

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Hello all


I've just installed Plex app on my 4k LG TV

I would like to give Plex a try on my Unraid server (6.6.6) but I don't know where to start

1) My hardware is VERY low end (Athlon II X2 250 and 4GB Ram) - Can I hope to have Plex running at all?

2) Assuming it can run, which one should I install: Binhex Plex, Plex linuxserver, Plexmedia server limetech, Plexmediaserver plexince, etc...???




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Your CPU is very weak that's for sure - it has a passmark of around 1700, and Plex needs 2000 to transcode 1080p or 1500 for 720p, see here:


In the past there were issues with the LG TV app which essentially meant it had to transcode everything.  There were other third party options though that could direct play, which is really what you want with such a weak CPU (essentially the TV does the work instead of the server.)  I'd suggest asking the non-unRAID Plex questions over at the Plex forums to get the latest on that.


As for which docker, I'd go for the linuxserver one personally.

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See if you can install Kodi on your TV, it is a better app for playing videos locally on your network whereas Plex really excels at viewing videos remotely. You can certainly use Plex locally too, but I think the experience might be better with Kodi and I think you could do it more easily with the hardware you have now.

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just want to give you some feedback on low end cpus... i did run my unraid with plugins, dockers and plex on a celeron, dont know which exactly but very weak, was working for 1 stream ok. Just try it yourself.


atm i also only have a 

CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-4370 CPU @ 3.80GHz


where many would say it cant run plex, many plugins, encryption, windows 10 vm, and much more, but it works nice.

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@french_guy I use the linuxserver docker and it has been pretty reliable for me. I also have an LG 4K TV, if you are running on LG webos 3.5 or above the Plex software is now well featured and I can direct play everything from my server so you should not need to transcode on your Athlon meaning you should be able to use Plex ok with your current hardware.

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