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Plugin/Docker/app to automatically unpack Archives (Rar mainly)

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Hi everyone, 

I nearly have my unraid system all setup, I have dockers for Plex and Sonarr etc setup, what I am looking for it something that will look at a folder and unrar files it finds.

It doesn't need to delete or move anything.

Essentially I have seen that apps like Deluge have unpack built in, however my server isn't actually seeding, I have a seedbox doing all of that and if I was able to setup the transmission client on the seedbox to unpack I wouldn't want it to unpack everything (if I get a comic archive for example I wouldn't want unpacking hundreds of files.


currently im using Windows and have a program which monitors my Sonarr and Radarr folders and unpacks what's there. the apps will grab the movie/tv show and move it leaving the still .rar'ed files because they are syncing to the seedbox so that's fine.

the program doesn't re-unpack everything it finds again otherwise it would unpack the same movie / tv show


but for the life if me I can't find anything apart from either a script to unpack files that you can use a cron job to setup every hour, I have heard there is a way to make it look for changes in the folder and run.. 

that would be perfect but is there a way to make it ignore files its already successfully unpacked?


I have posted this as a reply to someone else's post but that was an older one.

I have already had some replies there but no luck so thought id make my own.


Im familiar with apps and computers but linux is very new hand holding maybe required here :)


Appreciate any options you may have

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In your usecase u could go either Filebot (available in CA) or unrarall https://github.com/arfoll/unrarall (not available in CA).

I have installed both, filbot’s GUI only gave me options for renaming and I couldn’t find info on how it can unpack even though a few posts suggest it for that
Unrarall I actually saw and made the script and got it to work, but I’m not sure how to script it to run automatically and ignore files it’s previously unpacked

I is the dumb.

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Filebot has allot of scripts, including AMC that u could customize to your needs. Some examples u can find here: https://www.filebot.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=215. I don't know your exact setup, so its hard to give further advice on that.


Unrarall is quite simple and offers less options then Filebot. Basically u have to execute a command on the host "docker exec -t unrarall --clean=all" (Clean all removes the rar files and leaves the clean extract). This can be on a cronjob in unraid or any other thing that triggers the command. Best this is using a event that signals that the sync between your host and seedbox is done. Or u can make a filewatcher script, but if the sync is not complete your extract will fail.

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