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Wrong https redirect to '.local'

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Hey there,


i need your help.


I enabled the SSL access to the Unraid Web-UI recently.


Therefore in "Settings -> Identification" i switched "Use SSL/TLS" from "Auto" to "Yes".

(I also placed a SSL-Certificate for my domain through which i want access the web-ui ("https://unraid.examle.com") in here "config/ssl/certs/certficate_bundle.pem", but it seems that this certificate in not beeing used. But this is another topic.)


In the field "Local TLD" i entered my TLD to which my unraid sever is bounded.


For example i can reach my unraid-server via unraid.examle.com, so i entered "example.com" in the "Local_TLD" field.


Because i changed "Use SSL/TLS" to "Yes" all my normal HTTP requests should be redirected to HTTPS.


But these redirects are wrong.


If i access the web-gui through "http://unraid.examle.com" (where in this case "unraid" is the hostname of the unraid-server) i expect a redirect to "https://unraid.examle.com". But i get a redirect to "http://unraid.local".



Now i'm not sure if i used the field "Local_TLD" correctly, and if it changes anything at all.


Can someone help me with my problem?


Best regards,


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