Easy, Robust, unRAID Cloud backup using CloudBerry and BackBlaze

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A little confused. Signed up for Backblaze and got the trial version of Cloudberry as was described. Used to use Cloudberry Windows Backup and so am comfortable with it. No problem with the cost.


When I used to use Cloudberry with Rackspace I had set an encryption key for the containers and had to use that to get into the containers. Somewhere in the setup yesterday I believe for cloudberry, there appeared an option for an encryption key, so I created one and let the backup run. Seemed fine.


I just logged onto Backblaze B2 and browsed the container which appears to be unencrypted.  I can browse the files without any key and the B2 site says it is unencrypted. It also says under encryption:  "Backblaze B2 key (SSE-B2), an encryption key that Backblaze creates, manages and uses for you."


Don't really want that. Too much snooping these days. I want to hold my own keys.  I looked through the options for the Cloudberry container and found no option for encryption. Is there any way to have a private encryption key?


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7 hours ago, MikeGNola said:

Never mind. Think I found the answer. Can't do it on Backblaze or most other cloud storage. This supplies some answers. 

How to Encrypt Cloud Storage in 2021: Better Safe Than Sorry

These services are a bit more limited (and pricier) than Backblaze, so I suppose the solution would be to split info that you want really encrypted from ordinary and only encrypt the critical stuff.


I believe the free version of cloudberry/msp360 doesn't support encryption, the paid versions do. That is probably your issue.

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 1.09.30 PM.png

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This is a great write up but i find Cloudberry to be an awful product. Its taken me over a month to backup 4TB of data and its STILL not done.  It constantly errors out, runs at a snails pace..  I paid for the Personal license, maybe thats why.  I'd love to hear about Cloudberry alternatives that just WORK.

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I've been running the Cloudberry Docker, backing up to a Backblaze bucket for a while now.  But I am missing files and folders from my B2 bucket.  I purchased the Linux license of CB, and I'm only trying to backup about 600G of data (well under the limit of the license I have).  


I've had a look at the settings on CB, but everything looks like it's configured correctly.  Below is the retention policy of the backup job, which overrides the global settings:

  • NOT CONFIGURED to delete any files automatically. 
  • Keep 3 versions of each file
  • Delete files that have been deleted locally after 30 days



My B2 Bucket is configured to keep all versions of the file (IE allow CB to manage it)



Yet, with these settings, I'm still not seeing all of my folders backed up.


Is this a bad config, or is CB just that unreliable? 




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Hi Guys, 


I've been using cloudberry for a while but the latest update has broke something for me. 


Since updating to my local storage backup is no longer working. I get the below error:

Cloud object size limit exceeded (code: 1618)
1 file was not backed up due to a cloud object size limit excess - 5.37 GB

Im running the personal licence and have never seen this error before, i also cannot find error 1618 in any of the cloudberry documentation.

Additionally i have the same backup set running to a Backblaze bucket and this completes fine. The issue only appears to be on my local storage.


Has anybody seen similar issues?

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