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Need some help figuring this out.  Yesterday, I posted that suddenly I have a ton of shares, and they are artists in my music collection.  Most are empty.  I went through and deleted them in /mnt/user/ and then today, they are all back.  I have a folder called Plexx Media, that is shared, and under that, I have Movies, Music, TV Shows, etc.  If I am sharing the Plexx Media folder, will unraid create shares of all the subdirectories under that parent folder?  I don't remember having this issue until a few days ago.   I must have made some kind of mistake in order for unraid to create all these shares, but I am not sure how to find out and stop them from being created.

Yesteday I did a rmdir /mnt/user/A* (etc) to remove the directories without removing directories that had data in them.



Any ideas would be appreciated.



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Shares are automatically created from each top level folder on each disk.  If they are re-appearing then you must have something configured to recreate them and the task will be to work out what that might be.   If you can work out exactly what disk they are being created on then that might give a clue.

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