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PCIe USB3 Cards Passthrough help

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I've tried a couple PCIe USB3 cards being passed through to a Windows 10 VM but the cards don't reset properly/survive a VM reboot and the entire unraid box has to be rebooted to reset the USB3 card.


Has anyone found a USB3 add-on card that plays nice with KVM?

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I’ve had no issues with inateck 2 port cards with the red pcb. I have like 5 of them.


as a bonus they work natively with macOS and don’t need supplemental power.

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This may also be caused by not having your motherboard BIOS setup correctly... Make sure that you disable "Compatibility" boot modes in your BIOS, on my asus board this is called "CSM"...  This will force UnRaid to boot UEFI, so make sure you turn on UEFI boot on the UnRaid flash settings before you do that...


Also make sure that the IOMMU groups are working correctly on your system, Intel VT-d or the AMD version on your board...


If it is not either of those, you may have gotten a cheap card that doesn't acknowledge the reset signal that the VM sends it, thus requiring the reset sent from the host motherboard to be able to connect to a VM again...

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