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Wireshark or equivalent testing software to run on the server?

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Is there a way to run software like Wireshark or something similar on Unraid in order to test traffic inbound and outbound from the server? In searching, it seems a lot of people test communication from another device to their server, but not really on the server itself. Any ideas of what could be used?


For example, if I want to examine all the traffic on port 8080 at the Unraid server.

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So I discovered the Nerd Tools has tcpdump so I can use that to export all the activity from the port to a file, and then import that file into wireshark on my PC. For example, this command will monitor all traffic on TCP port 8080 and write to a file called report.pcap until you kill the process.


$ tcpdump 'tcp port 8080' -w report.pcap


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