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btrfs snapshot manager gui so it is easier to setup, manage and restore snapshot. Allso integrate VMs so a single VM can have several snapshots to star from and ability to restore (revert changes) on VM shutdown.

I started looking into btrfs and found it confusing on creation and management of snapshots by terminal. I am used to have virtualbox with snapshots at work and thought it would be cool to start using snapshots on my system.

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+1 (yes please!)


We are currently testing unRAID as a testrig for our projects. We have been using virtual machines with VMware Player or virtualbox. Cloning virtual machines from a fully set up base VM to one-time-use machines has been very helpful to keep VMs nice and clean.  As our tests sometimes rely on additinal hardware (special PCI based interface  cards), the VMs were not able to do the trick because we could not use those cards and had to go back to bare metal which has the downside of beeing everybodies testrig. unRAID helps us having the best of both worlds but we are missing a very easy to use method of cloning machines (not everybody here feels very comfotable with CLI). It would be great to have an additional entry in the context menu to create a clone of a VM (using cp --reflink for the disks and taking care of renaming whats necessary, maybe opening a dialog for customizing of necessary stuff like cpu assignment or device assingnment)



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I would love it to be able to use BTRFS snapshots in a GUI (Setup Snapshots) and beeing able to set up BTRFS snapshotting (send / receive) to another Unraid Server, this would be a really nice and powerful feature i would never miss!


Hope this will be implemented soon! so there is another +1 from me

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wanted to bring that up again:



if not LT, maybe there is an interested comunity developer?


the snapshots are not only interesting for the vms, but also for general btrfs, since we can use multiple pools now

take me for example, i have a raid5 pool of 5 hdds with most my live date (i know raid 5 and 6 are experimental) and would love to take controlled snapshots via a gui (i am not so familiar with console on not windows os, sry)


greetings from vienna

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