(SOLVED) Plugin Status "Unknown" and Unable to Upgrade Unraid from 6.5.0

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Hey guys,


I'm having a problem where all of my plugins status is "Unknown" and I'm unable to update any of them. Additionally, the same (similar at the very least) issue occurs when I try to upgrade Unraid from 6.5.0 to the latest stable.


I can confirm that Unraid is able to access the internet, all my dockers and VMs are able to access the internet and Community Apps plugin is able to access the internet.


I've attached a few screenshots as well as the diagnostics file.









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Problem resolved
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Hi guys,
Sorry for my English.

I had the same problem recently.
Tcpdump showed that Unraid is trying to connect to "www.msftncsi.com" when I open "Plugins" page.

What is www.msftncsi.com?

In my area, the DNS record for the host "www.msftncsi.com" is
My unbound resolver and @ resolve the address "www.msftncsi.com" to IP
I don't know why, but recently that IP started dropping connections from my ISP's subnet.
I configured "Host Overrides" in the Unbound settings and changed the IP address for "www.msftncsi.com" to
After that the Unraid Plugins page starts working as it should.

Below is an extract from "blog.superuser.com" - https://blog.superuser.com/2011/05/16/windows-7-network-awareness/
Windows 7 Network Awareness: How Windows knows it has an internet connection
"What about my privacy?
Some people may be concerned about Windows “phoning home” to Microsoft with their PC’s information through this service. According to Microsoft’s documentation, NCSI retains the time of access and IP addresses of requests made to www.msftncsi.com:
IIS logs are stored on the server at www.msftncsi.com. These logs contain the time of each access and the IP address recorded for that access. These IP addresses are not used to identify users, and in many cases, they are the address of a network address translation (NAT) computer or proxy server, not a specific client behind that NAT computer or proxy server."

Why you use a Microsoft Network Connectivity Status Indicator?
It is part of what Microsoft calls Network Awareness.
P.S. Thank you guys for the great product!

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