Mover hangs, can't stop array


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I’ve having troubles lately with my server, specifically:

  • Mover hangs, it shows as running but no files are moved. I can’t stop the array either
  • Preclear pauses for no reason, and I can’t start it again
  • Can’t stop dockers

I don’t know if all these are related.

I can’t pinpoint the origin of this. I have had my server down for almost 2 years, so when I powered it on again I had to update unraid, plugins, dockers, etc. A lot of changes all at once.

Right now:

  • I have downloaded files recognized by radarr in the movies share and seated in the cache pool
  • cache pool is full
  • mover running but cache isn’t emptying, no files seem to be moving
  • nzbget is paused due to lack of space in the cache
  • 3 dockers running: radarr, nzbget, and heimdall, I can’t stop any
  • I can’t stop the array and/reboot the server

The only option seem to do a hard reset, it’d be the second in the last week for the same reason, I’d like to avoid this!

Attached logs.

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