Docker Containter NIC Isolation


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Hey :D


I hope this is the right forum thread for my question ;)


I would like to run a PBX software in a Docker Container and my IT guy recommended me to use a dedicated ethernet port, because it would be a better experience in relation to voice quality, etc.


However, I am using the Supermicro - X11SSH-CTF, which has two ethernet ports, so I am asking myself how can I isolate or dedicate one of those ports to one specific Docker Container ?


Hope you can help me out 😊



Or is it as easy as just selecting one eth0 for one container and eth1 for all the others ?

Will unraid (webgui, etc) be operational on both interfaces instead of one ?

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Disable the default docker custom network on eth0 (it will be for your LAN subnet)

Create a new custom docker network on eth1 (this wil be for your LAN subnet and assign a DHCP pool that does not conflict with any reserved addresses on your LAN or the DHCP pool managed by your LAN DHCP server, typically the router. - docker custom networks have "DHCP" for containers that do not attempt to check or verify with the LAN)

Assign the container to this network (actually if you have any other containers that need an IP on your LAN, they all need to be migrated)



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