Inaccessible server during and after Parity Check


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I lose access to my server once a parity check begins, and when it finishes it remains completely inaccessible. Telnet, WebGUI, network file browsing, docker containers (MariaDB, AirSonic, NZBGet, etc) all fail to connect. USB connected keyboard doesn't respond (plugged it prior to startup) even 1 day after parity completed without error. I never received a parity completion email either, but other smaller and weaker unraid servers do both start and finish emails.


This has been happening for a few months, so I attached a monitor in the rack before server startup to view any screen output, but nothing I think useful is shown (pic attached). It only shows initial startup info and nothing after that. It printed log info when I did a quick power button push to safely shutdown the server. Syslog and Diagnostics are attached from that.


Line 3886 in file 'logs/syslog.1.txt' is where the parity_check was initiated. The log later lists docker containers that have new updates available. That makes me think the system should have then at least had docker containers accessible but none were. Any ideas what could be causing this issue and how to resolve??


  • Parity summary: 1 day, 13 hr, 32 min, 23 sec @ 59.2 MB/s found 0 errors.
  • Disk summary: 16 data (8 TB ea), 2 parity, 1 SSD cache for apps and a symlinked dir to a 2-disk RAID0 btrfs (striped) auto-mounted unassigned devices purely as a tmp downloads pool.
  • System summary: unRAID v6.6.6 Pro, AMD 8-Core @ 3.2 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 2 * LSI SAS9201-8i


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