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I'm looking for a SATA expansion card that doesn't use a Marvell SATA controller. My motherboard has a Marvell SATA controller. I had tried using an expansion card with a Marvell controller and it caused conflicts with the controller on my motherboard preventing my system from booting. Anybody else have an issue like this? I'm thinking this card, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ST9CPND, would do the trick.

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There aren't very good 4 port controller options. Marvell controllers are not recommended for some time, they might not even work with newest Unraid v6.7, if 2 ports are enough you can get an Asmedia

Here is a good list with some explanations about whether a model will need to be flashed or not:   https://wiki.unraid.net/Hardware_Compatibility   This is the one I bought:  

Anyone try one of these?   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T3RMFFT/?coliid=I1YYBO4Q1UA8X1&colid=36Q4O0OOPOV8&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it   Seems like a pretty good use for

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11 hours ago, razz said:

has three PCIe x1 Slot

That controller is x4, it can work on the GPU slot (if available), otherwise you have a 2 port model which uses a x1 slot, there's also one from Asmedia.

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If you need more SATA ports, I recommend you go for a SAS card and break out cables (sas -> 4 SATA connectors). Ideally two SAS ports giving you up to 8 SATA devices. However, this allows you in the future to use the card for SAS back planes. There are plenty of Dell (LSI) cards out there for not much money. I picked up mine on EBay for about $40 with 2 break out cables. I use to have PCIe SATA card (4 ports) but occationally, they generated CRC errors with fast disks (SSD).

My $0.02...


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15 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

No, the M.2 port is SATA, not PCIe

You are absolutely correct...my bad for not looking hard enough at the connections first.


But I think either is good in its own right for unraid connectivity and controlling SATA.  Yes?

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5 minutes ago, ClawSS said:

But I think either is good in its own right for unraid connectivity and controlling SATA.  Yes?

Yes, all indications are that controllers based on the JMB585 chipset (also the 2 port version JMB582) work reliably with Unraid, I have one for a few months.

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22 minutes ago, iDJMic said:

I only have PCIe x1 slot available is there a card I can use that is compatible anyone can recommend?

With PCIe x1 you can really only get a 2-port SATA card. 


Look for something based on the JMicron JMB582 or ASMedia ASM1061 controller chip.  There are some from Syba, IO Crest, etc.

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Hi - is there any downsides at all to using this I/O Crest M.2 card vs. a dedicated LSI HBA like the 9207-8i? I only have 1 PCI slot so I'm trying to save that slot for a GPU or flash accelerator SSD, and would love to use this little M.2 adapter if there's no performance difference driving 5x 5400rpm HDDs

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On 12/1/2020 at 4:46 AM, JorgeB said:

See here.


On 9/21/2015 at 10:47 AM, JorgeB said:

JMicron JMB585 PCIe gen3 x2 (1970MB/s) - e.g., SYBA SI-PEX40139 and other similar cards

2 x 570MB/s

3 x 565MB/s

4 x 440MB/s

5 x 350MB/s


Ah thank you so much. Does this imply that 350MB/s per drive for the JMB585 should pose no real world issues if I'm only dealing with JBOD 5400RPM HDDs? I'm building a server that I will likely use for the next 5-10 years and down the line I'd like to add 10GbE networking for transferring files in and out of the SSD cache, but my understanding is that 5400RPM HDDs in non-RAID/stripe wouldn't even be able to keep up with something like 350MB/s limit imposed by the controller unless I switch my entire array over to maybe 15k SAS drives or SSDs?


For reference, I usually see these drives write speeds at ~125MB/s copying between my 5400 spinners in an external USB-C DAS, so I assume there's no real world issues on either reads or writes if connecting them to a controller that can only handle 350MB/s max per drive.


Also is this 350MB/s speed only applicable if all 5 drives were being accessed at the same time? Would it be significantly faster if I was only writing to 1 drive at any moment in time?

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1 hour ago, DrivePool9015 said:

Does this imply that 350MB/s per drive for the JMB585 should pose no real world issues if I'm only dealing with JBOD 5400RPM HDDs

Yes, no current HDD can get close to those speeds, only if using SSDs you'd need to worry. 

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