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Disk 1 Has Errors

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I have a drive 1 with a read error notification this morning. 


I am running the Nvidia Unraid build but don't think that would have any impact on disk read/write errors. All drives are less than 6 months old with exception of the 2TB WD. It is older. All are WD shucked drives. 


I have most free as my allocation method as i felt it would help with IO by spreading files across all disk if i was writing and reading from the array with SAB and Plex was running at same time. Disk 2,3,4,5 are all new within the past week to the array. The error is on disk 1 which has been in the server since I built last fall. 


Any assistance on what has caused this and a solution to fix is appreciated. 


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Unusual error:

Emask 0x400 (NCQ error)


Disk looks fine, I would just keep an eye on it for now, you can also replace/swap cables just to rule them out.

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