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Just stopping by to say Hi! and great job with unRAID.

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Hello all,

    I am new to unRAID, but I really like what I was able to setup.  Sorry, I don't have any power usage specs. 


My setup so far:

used system: HP Z840 workstation from ebay around $2,300 (dual Xeon 2690 so 48 threads, with 64GB ram, NVidia Quattro, no drives)

ATI / AMD HD7750  (older video card with 6 miniDP) to my main Windows VM. 

NVidia GT730 for the unRAID OS. 

I used the NVidia Quattro for my wife's main VM with her 2 monitors.

3 by 6tb SAS (will be 4 soon) for unRAID.

1 by 1tb ssd (will be 4 also soon) for cache and VMs

Stream Deck (connected to a Ubuntu VM) to power on and off to the 5 VMs.

Highpoint Rocket USB 3.0 controller with 4 USB outputs, 1 for my main, 1 for wife's main and 1 for a Guest machine that uses USB Display, keyboard and mouse. 


and a lot of time watching SpaceInvaderOnes videos :) the system works pretty good.

So Thanks to all that work on and contributed to unRAID! well done.





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Nice Build you have there. Welcome aboard. 😁

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