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Unraid keeps freezing, at wits end.

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Greetings.  I'm hoping I can find some help here.  My unraid box keeps freezing and I can not figure out why.  Running latest version 6.6.7


You can find my system info here, copied and pasted from unraid: https://pastebin.com/vQ5MqS8s

I've run mem test, prechecked the drives, changed the psu to a Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850 Watts 80 Plus Gold, tier 2.  I've even changed the cmos batter.  The mobo/cpu/ram/psu all brand new, cache drive brand new, usb stick, brand new.  2 8tb drives, brand new, 3tb been used in another pc.  I'm 95% sure I have all the virtualization enabled on the motherboard.


Here are the links to my last 3 logs at pastebin https://pastebin.com/JrcX7m9r https://pastebin.com/xZTKc4hv https://pastebin.com/tiFFtye9


I am literally at my wits end with this.  It's been going on since the beginning.  I'm ready to buy the software but not if I can't get it working.  I've already invested enough to build a new gaming pc into this.  I'm begging for help here. Please and thanks.



Diagnostic file attached.


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I have setup a new system on a Ryzen 5 1600, and initially I experienced complete lock up, after 10/15mins. I narrowed the problem due to the 'C6' states in the motherboard BIOS, which I disabled and since then have the system running for over 7 days at the moment. 


I am on a trial license, just making sure everything I need will work before I purchase the license.

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I updated to the 6.7 rc5 and it seemed to fix the issue without having to make those changes.  It did freeze again but I believe the cpu was taxed too much and for precautionary reasons applied the suggested changes.  I figured with a ryzen 5 2400g I should be ok, but seems plex transcoding is rocking my cpu as well as downloading tv shows.

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