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How do I track what is causing hangs or reboots?

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It seems like syslog is blown away after a hang or reboot.  I have been trying to figure out if this is a system error or configuration problem.  I was doing a transfer to cache and Unbalance to empty a drive for replacement.  And a pre-clean.  Web interface hung and it looked like the system rebooted.  Then it didn't come up and I had to reset after a few minutes.  Each time it does a parity check, which is probably good as I don't know if anything was inflight during this hang.


Any tips for persistent logging that I can track down the cause of this?   I was all ready to jump into unraid, and not I'm trying to get it stable.  Is syslog on the USB?  Can I pull that if I see a hang and keep it from getting over written?

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See this Need Help? sticky pinned near the top of this same subforum:



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What version are you running?  There has been a new tool (called the Syslog Server) added in the 6.7.0-rc release series which will mirror the syslog to flash drive.  Earlier versions use the 'Troubleshooting' mode of the Fix Common Problems  Plugin.

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