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I'm still new to unraid, and have been trying to set up Krusader to copy a large number of files to the array. Here is my problem (Please see images to see what I mean).

In "MC" I can see my mounted drives and array under root/mnt.

In Krusader I cannot. I've tried adding the path, but I get the error in the third pic and the Krusader docker doesn't reinstall.

It was working the first time I tried. I tried deleting the orphaned dicker image left over after Krusder disappears, then reinstalling Krusader, but it does the same thing.


I'm pulling my hair out. Doesn't help that the only OS I'm familiar with is Windows. Can anyone help?


Have attached pics





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Add a slash (/) in front of the UNASSIGNED for the container path.  As per the error, the container path has to be absolute and note relative to an existing folder (ie: it needs the slash)


Also, when you navigate anywhere within Krusader, you are traversing it's own file system.  IIRC the template is set up so that if you go to /UNRAID then you will see the same things as you will within mc

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