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lian li pc-343b and 4 in 3 drive cages

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I have a Lian Li PC-343B cage (the one with 18 5.25 inch slots). Currently I am running 2 of the Icy Dock MB074SP-1B for 8 of my drives. 

The backplane of these cages doesn't allow for proper airflow, so the drives run a bit hot. When I ran 4x8 TB Ironwolf drives in one of these some of the drives where at ~45-50 °C. My 4 TB Red drives run at ~35-40 °C. I've swapped the original fans to Noctua A12x25.

I was thinking of importing a few Rosewill RSV-SATA-Cage-34 but I can't really find any good reviews of airflow for these. 

Any other good (as quiet as possible) drive cages that doesn't cost a fortune that I can look at? Hot-swap for easy accessibility and a 120 mm fan is desirable...


Off-topic question: I need to get some good sound dampening material for the PC-343B. It is so cheaply made with VERY thin metal. Any good suggestions of what to do?


Thanks / kakmoster

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